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West Covina

A sub-urban metropolis in the county of LA, and possesses a population of 160K as per the census of 2010. The weather of West Covina is relatively hot, and the thermometer scales the temperature up to 73 F. West Covina is home to many famous parks, including Galster Wilderness Park, Palm view park, Arcadia Wilderness Park, Cortez Park, to name a few. From a tourism perspective, there are certain places eyed by the tourist including The Lake Center, Glendora Historical Society Museum, The lakes Mall, and Baldwin Park Historical Society Museum. All these places are present in the vicinity of West Covina and must-visit spots.

A majority of the episode was recorded in the Lakes Plaza West Covina Shopping Center, which might make for a terrific Instagram photo opportunity. Aside from that, the mall has a wide variety of shops to browse and several distinctive eateries serving anything from Korean BBQ to well-known franchises like Panda Express. It's a fantastic place to stop for a break or go shopping, and it even has some facilities.

The Hurst Ranch Historical Center is ideal for fun but historically significant outings! With a tour guide, learn about traditional agricultural and irrigation practices, or simply explore the crop fields with your family. The Historical Center also has an entertaining museum for all ages, making it an excellent field trip or family outing.

(626) 522-9161