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Baldwin Park

Baldwin Park is located within the central San Gabriel Valley of Los Angeles, California-USA. Its total population was 75,390 as of the census of 2010. The city shares its boundaries with the land of cattle grazing in San Gabriel Valley. It was previously referred to as Vinland back in 1860, and now it has changed with Baldwin Park City, California. Baldwin Park became the 57th city after incorporating into the state of California. Several redevelopment programs add value to the town, including Starbucks, Harley Davidson, Home Depot, High-quality housing, TOD (Transit Oriented District) in the neighborhood of the city's station, and several other businesses are striving for their development here.

Baldwin Park city has a constantly varying pattern of weather conditions; usually, mild winter and hot summer may be experienced here. The highest temperature ever recorded here was 118 F, and the coldest was 21 F.

The United States Census Bureau report shares the geographical stats, and the town features a total area of 6.79 mi², 0.2 mi² covered with water, and 6.6 mi islands.

The city has its local Police department, and fire rescue is in tune with the Los Angeles County Fire Department. There are some notable people here. The list contains Sutan Amrull, a drag performer and makeup artist, and Mike Munoz, former pitcher for the Colorado Rockies and Detroit Tigers. Moreover, the city keeps many worth visiting places, including Baldwin Park Historical Society Museum, Arcadia Wilderness Park, EL Appetiz for Italian Cuisine, Arcadia Golf Course, and many other beautiful spots.

(626) 522-9161