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Alhambra is a neighborhood of Los Angeles, California, in the Western San Gabriel area. The community is around eight miles from the Civic Center in Downtown Los Angeles. The total population of the town was 83,089 as of the census 2010. Its history goes back over a hundred years. As a part of the Spanish conquest of Alta, California, a total of a 300,000-acre piece of land was given to a soldier from Los Angeles Presidio, and later it became Alhambra city.

Firstly, Alhambra city was established as a suburb of Los Angeles and remained unincorporated during the mid of the 19th century. On 11th July 1903, the city was formally incorporated as a city of California state. The town is located on the land of the original inhabitants of Tongva.

The Alhambra was promoted as a "city of homes" in the early times, and it keeps a significant value when it comes to demonstrating the historical background of California. According to the United States Census stats, the town’s total area consists of 7.6 square miles, 99% island. The town has a diversity of residents from the different states of the US. It is governed by the five-member city council; these members are elected by districts for four years.

When it comes to the economy of Alhambra, most of the share of its economy is contributed by the local car dealerships. The town keeps several enchanted spots to attract visitors including, Almansor Park, Alhambra Place Shopping Center, Edwards Stadium Cinemas, Garfield Theatre, Fosselman's Ice Cream Shop, and many other places worth visiting.

(626) 522-9161